I studied Architecture in Helsinki University of Technology. But then also learned about photo manipulation, retouching, prepress etc. I have made striking photo manipulations for advertising and stock photo use.

Recently I have been learning 3D, especially for architectural visualization. It combines all my skills, both of architecture, photography and photo manipulation.

The links below showcase some of my published work.

Marja-Leena Pelho was featured in a cover article of PEI (Photo Electronic Imaging) Magazine issue 7/2000. Including a tutorial about making the cover. Read the article...

Also a tutorial article in the PEI Magazine issue 11/2000, about making this collage... Both tutorial articles (in Pdf-format) and images needed, can be downloaded from the PEI website.

Also seen in Computer Arts magazine Exposure Gallery, issue 3/2001.

In Digital Imaging Magazine, DI Gallery, issue #8/2001.



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